40 Fun Summer Date Ideas

40 Fun Summer Date Ideas

It’s finally summertime, which brings opportunities for outdoor fun and new ways to connect with other singles. Don’t get us wrong, dinner and drink dates are totally cool, but they can get a little old, not to mention expensive. The great thing about planning a summer date is that the whole outdoor world is your oyster. (Just remember to stock up on moisture-wicking underwear to keep things as fresh as possible down there in the heat.)

As you determine which summer date idea works best, you’re gonna want to take some time to plan, because making an effort will show your date how much you care—trust. We’re not saying you should hire a skywriter for a first date or anything—that would be a little much; we simply urge you not to wait until the last minute to frantically scour Google Maps for a bar that’s equidistant between your homes. You can do better than that. Plus, knowing what you’ll do a few days in advance can build anticipation, adds relationship coach Lee Wilson. Planning ahead makes your next date “a special day,” rather than something typical, he says—and that can make things more exciting.

Bonus idea: Surprise your date when it comes to the details, Wilson suggests. Assuming your date is flexible, you tell them the basics, like the time and what to wear, but don’t give everything away. This can be especially great if you’re in a committed relationship and used to a routine.

Ready to get out there? Here are 40 ways to heat things up this summer.

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