5 things you need to know about coffee culture in the Philippines

5 things you need to know about coffee culture in the Philippines

Coffee is considered as one of the go-to drinks. Whether you are in a meeting, reviewing for your upcoming exams, spending a hangover, having breakfast, riding in an airplane or whatever you do, coffee will never fail to comfort you.

Today, billions of cups are being wasted for coffee and Filipinos particularly, are considered as one of the top drinkers of this beverage. Here are some reasons why they love to sip, indulge its aroma, and consider coffee as a friend:


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Filipinos have long affair with coffee

In 1740, a Spanish Franciscan monk introduced the first coffee tree in Lipa, Batangas. The place eventually became the coffee capital of the Philippines, however, when the Suez Canal was opened, the production experienced coffee rust.

It was challenging to revive the lost, but since Philippine lies within the Bean Belt, the country still has a favorable climate and soil conditions. Despite the setbacks experienced by the industry, there are still several manufacturing companies. And above all, the pride is in locally-made brands like Café Amadeo and Coffee Alamid (civet coffee).

Coffee has become part of the history

When the Americans came, they changed the coffee landscape of the country. They not only introduced new types of disease-resistant beans, but also coffee mixes and sachets.

Today, Filipinos are enjoying instant coffees such as 3-in-1. Thus, there are also produced and grown coffee from the mountains of Sagada or Benguet, as well as Batangas and Cavite, where coffee originated.

Existence of Philippine coffee industry

According to the Philippine Coffee Board, the Philippines is looking to be one of the leading producers of top-grade coffee around the world. Through the Philippine Coffee Industry Roadmap 2017-2022, the country is expected to raise coffee production seven-fold by 2022, bringing the coffee industry at par with that of Brazil, Colombia, Vietnam, Honduras, and Indonesia.


As time goes by, provinces slowly adapt to urban culture. When you go to Manila or Walk along BGC, there are several coffee shops everywhere.

According to one article, the Philippines has 300 branches of Starbucks in 2017. And today, other popular coffee shops are Coffee Bean, Tim Horton’s and Seattle’s Best.

Filipinos value time and relationship

Some people may consider it as a simple drink for you to be energized but Filipinos look beyond that. Coffee does not only bring joy, but creates meaningful memories. It has witnessed different relationships, events, gatherings, and fruitful time. It can be your first date, your closure with your ex, an aftermath of your examinations, a time of catching up with your pals or a reward in your first salary. Indeed, it has truly become part of Filipino lives because even during the last wake of their loved ones, they still share coffee.

As time goes by, the love of Filipinos for coffee continues to grow. Whether it is through livelihood and comfort, it has become a strong part of Filipino culture. Being more popular than ever, with hot bread, coffee runs, and debates of which is the best coffee, no one ever seems to be interested in how coffee was discovered, who discovered it, and how those were invented. Because behind all of these questions, coffee as being around for centuries has become a friend for many Filipinos.



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