Afternoon Coffee: Home Depot boat; PRO recap: SupplHi, etc.

Afternoon Coffee: Home Depot boat; PRO recap: SupplHi, etc.

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Home Depot is one of the United States’ biggest importers. But as port congestion, container shortages and coronavirus outbreaks slowed shipments, the company decided to get its own shipping boat, according to CNBC.

Home Depot President and Chief Operating Officer Ted Decker told CNBC that the contracted ship will begin running next month. It is one measure the company has taken to cope with challenges that have hit global supply chains.

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“We have a ship that’s solely going to be ours and it’s just going to go back and forth with 100% dedicated to Home Depot,” Decker told CNBC.

Bike supplies face shortages

Halfords, a UK-based bike company, said it is facing challenges with bike supplies as Covid restrictions lead to surging demand, and lockdowns in Asia hit manufacturers, according to BBC News.

Sales of bikes rose by 54.1% as the pandemic has prevented local travel or overseas holidays. Global bike supplies are facing shortages of components like brakes and raw materials. Meanwhile, local lockdowns in Asian countries have disrupted businesses that manufacturer bicycles.

“Most bicycles in the world are manufactured in East Asia, and even those which are assembled in the EU often require components shipped from that region,” the Bicycle Association said, BBC reported. “This extended supply chain does mean that, even in normal circumstances, delivery times are long.”

“Sudden increases in global demand put additional pressure on production and, particularly recently, there have been constraints on shipping. This has resulted in some temporary delays in supply.”

Spend Matters’ analysts look at SupplHi, Kodiak Rating, and SAP Ariba vs. SirionLabs

This week, Spend Matters PRO analysts Michael Lamoureux and Nick Heinzmann provided a one-part vendor analysis of the SupplHi supplier management system. Also, Spend Matters’ PRO analysts told us about what makes Kodiak Rating’s supplier management solution great, per SolutionMap Spring 2021 data from Kodiak customers. Finally, Heinzmann provided a head-to-head analysis of SAP Ariba vs. SirionLabs for contract lifecycle management.

Our PRO subscribers can read the full articles, but all readers can see the lengthy intros that frame the issues being discussed. This week:

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