All Artisan Good Selling Prices In Stardew Valley

All Artisan Good Selling Prices In Stardew Valley

In Stardew Valley the primary way of making money is by crafting your crops and animal products into expensive artisan goods. By gathering the best vegetables and fruits and taking good care of your farm animals, you’ll be able to produce some incredibly valuable artisan goods and become a millionaire.

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The question of which artisan goods are the best is an important one. There are definitely specific winners, but in some cases, it depends on the type of vegetables and fruits available. This ranking will assume gold star quality items are used, and that no professions are unlocked. Most importantly, for these items, the ranking is done on the best vegetable, fruit, or animal product type in mind.

Pine Tar

Stardew Valley Tapper On Pine Tree

Starting off with an artisan good which is much better used in crafting than selling, Pine Tar is acquired by placing a tapper onto a pine tree. After nearly a week, or at the very least six days, the tapper will produce Pine Tar used in several crafting recipes, such as the Loom and Rain Totem.


Stardew Valley Oil In Oil Maker

To make oil, you need to first make an oil maker. Then, place either sunflower seeds, sunflowers, or corn inside to begin the process. Corn and sunflower seeds will have the fastest yield. Oil can be used in cooking various recipes, and due to its low selling price, it’s best to keep it in your fridge.

Green Tea

Stardew Valley Green Tea In Carolines Hand

You’ll need tea leaves for this and a keg. The easiest way to get them is to befriend Caroline, who has a sunroom in the back of Pierre’s General Store, where she grows a tea tree. She’ll also give you a crafting recipe for the sapling during the same heart event. Green Tea is a nice energy booster and gift for some villagers, but its price isn’t impressive.

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Oak Resin

Stardew Valley Oak Resin

Oak Resin is another important crafting material in the game, and therefore, it’s recommended you just keep it for yourself. Oak Resin is acquired by placing a tapper onto an oak tree and waiting roughly a week for it to produce Oak Resin. The most important recipe it’s used for is the keg recipe, so keep your Oak Resin, and don’t sell them for a measly price.


Stardew Valley Coffee Plants

In order to make coffee, place five coffee beans inside a keg and wait for about two hours for the produce. Coffee is a nice gift for a select few villagers, but most importantly, it can be crafted into a Triple Shot Espresso, which will help you gain more speed and get more done during your day. Considering its selling price, it’s just not worth it. Keep it for your own use.

Maple Syrup

Stardew Valley Tapper On Maple Tree

Place a tapper onto a maple tree to start the process, and after nine days you should have maple syrup. It’s then only tree sap that can be used in food and can even be consumed as it is. You’ll also need it to make a Bee House in order to start gathering honey, as well as for a mysterious quest at one point, so it’s worth keeping it rather than selling.


Stardew Valley Mayonnaise Machines

  • Selling Price: 237 gold (Large Egg), 380 gold (Golden Egg)

Although in the endgame, mayonnaise from golden chickens can produce valuable mayonnaise, most players will typically craft it from large eggs around early to mid-game. That’s why only the base price for large eggs is accounted for. Mayonnaise is a decent low-tier artisanal good and is most useful in your first year of Stardew Valley for some extra money.

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Void Mayonnaise

Stardew Valley Void Mayonnaise

Void Mayonnaise is made by placing a Void Egg into a mayonnaise machine. You can also go fishing in the Witch’s Swamp where you have a 25% chance of finding Void Mayonnaise. This dark version of regular mayonnaise has a decent selling price, but nothing too impressive. You’re better off relying on your regular chicken eggs rather than getting Void Chickens for income.

Duck Mayonnaise

Stardew Valley Duck Mayonnaise Next To Coop

As soon as you can unlock ducks for your coop, it’s highly recommended to do so. Not only is duck mayonnaise superior to regular mayonnaise (even from large eggs), ducks also produce duck feathers for a bit of extra gold. It’s probably one of the better ways to make money from your coop in your first year.


Stardew Valley Beer Inside Kegs

  • Selling Price: 200 gold (Base), 400 gold (Cask)

Many artisan goods can be aged in casks, which significantly bumps up their selling price. This is why beer is actually better as a product than mayonnaise, even if its aging process takes time. Placing it into a cask for the full aging process will double its price. To make beer in the first place, put some wheat inside a keg.


Stardew Valley Mead

  • Selling Price: 200 gold (Base), 400 gold (Cask)

Just like with beer, mead can be aged in a cask as well. This will also double its price if you let it sit for the longest possible time. In order to make mead, you’ll first need some honey. Place it inside a keg to start making mead.


Stardew Valley Cheese Inside Cheese Press

  • Selling Price: 345 gold (Large Milk), 460 gold (Cask)

Cheese might not initially bring you a lot of money, but your patience is rewarded if you work towards having a good friendship with your cows. After a while, they’ll produce large milk, which has the best base selling price once turned into cheese. Put the cheese into a cask and you can bump the price up even further to 460 gold.

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Stardew Valley Sheep Barn

In order to get some cloth, you first need wool. Upgrade your barn until you can unlock sheep from Marnie’s shop and then buy a few of them. You’ll also need shears to actually get their wool, and then a loom to turn the wool into cloth. The process is a bit time-consuming, but it still amounts to a decently priced artisan good.


Stardew Valley Caviar

If you’re looking to make a ton of money from your fish pond, consider placing some sturgeon in it. Sturgeon Roe is extremely valuable; because sturgeon roe is relatively easy to find and can give you caviar, which sells for an incredibly high price compared to a lot of other common fish roe when aged. Place the roe inside a preserves jar and wait for the roe to age into caviar.

Pale Ale

Stardew Valley Pale Ale

  • Selling Price: 300 gold (Base), 600 gold (Cask)

Pale Ale is another item that can be aged effectively using casks. Before that, however, you need to grow hops during the summer or inside your greenhouse and then place the hops inside kegs. This will produce your pale ale, which even at its base price is one of the best artisan goods to focus on during your first year. With casks, the price is doubled, however.


Stardew Valley Honey

  • Selling Price: 100 gold (Wild), 680 gold (when using Fairy Rose)

While it’s true that regular honey is dirt cheap and not worth the large-scale effort, using the right flowers to spice up your honey is one of the best ways to turn those bee houses into profit machines. Fairy Rose in particular is a wonderful choice because the honey produced from it sells for a whopping 680 gold per jar.

Pickle Jar

Stardew Valley Pickled Wheat Jar

  • Selling Price: 690 gold (when using Pumpkin)

Pickles are a tough artisan good to nail because their price depends solely on the value of the vegetable you place into a preserves jar. Therefore, if you want to make the most out of pickled vegetables, you should use the best vegetable available: pumpkin. A pickled pumpkin preserve jar will sell for 690 gold.


Stardew Valley Juice

  • Selling Price: 720 gold (when using Pumpkin)

If you’re looking to craft your extra vegetables into something, consider turning them into juice by using kegs. However, not just any juice will have a profitable price. Like pickled vegetables, the choice of vegetables is important here. Pumpkins are still the best vegetable crop, so by placing pumpkins into kegs, you’ll make the most valuable juice available in the game.

Aged Roe

Stardew Valley Aged Roe Ponds

  • Selling Price: 760 gold (when breeding Lava Eels)

Roe is another artisan good that is volatile in price depending on what type of fish you have in your fish pond. Out of all the common fish available in the game, sturgeon is without a doubt the best choice since it produces caviar when its roe is aged. However, all things considered equal, the rare lava eel is actually the best choice, since its aged roe sells for 760 gold per jar, which is much more than caviar.

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Goat Cheese

Stardew Valley Goat Cheese

  • Selling Price: 600 gold (Large Milk), 800 gold (Cask)

If you want to get the most out of your goats, make sure to absolutely put their cheese into a cask. For an animal product, the price for the maximum aging process is absolutely amazing at 800 gold. Before that, however, you’ll want to expand your barn and unlock goats at Marnie’s shop to start gathering goat milk. Make sure to pet them regularly so they start producing large milk.

Dinosaur Mayonnaise

Stardew Valley Dinosaurs In Coop

At some point in the game, you’ll dig around an artifact spot and find a dinosaur egg. You can choose to donate it to the museum for Gunther, or you could just keep it and bring it back to your farm. Place it in your coop’s incubator, and after several days a brand-new lizard-like creature will be roaming around and leaving dinosaur eggs. You can use them to make dinosaur mayonnaise, which has an extremely good selling price of 800 gold.

Truffle Oil

Stardew Valley Truffles On The Ground

  • ???Selling Price: 1,065 gold

The first artisan good to get you past the 1K mark will most likely be truffle oil. It’s very easy and somewhat cheap to make. You’ll need to upgrade your barn and get pigs first, who will sniff out truffles for you. The better your friendship, the more truffles they will find for you. Turn them into oil immediately, and you’ll be rich in no time.

Jelly Jar

Stardew Valley Preserves Jars In Lines

  • Selling Price: 1,550 gold (when using Starfruit)

Jellies are generally pretty bad as artisan goods, since most players will try to make jelly out of cheap fruits. Just like with pickle jars, you want to use the most expensive fruits available, and by far the best fruit in the game is the Starfruit. This crop grows in the summer and can be purchased all year from Sandy at the Oasis. Place it in preserves jar to make jelly that sells for 1,550 gold per jar.


Stardew Valley Wine Aging In Casks

  • Selling Price: 2,250 gold (when using Starfruit), 3375 (Cask)

Wine is the bread and butter of making money in Stardew Valley. Most wines in the game top almost all other artisan goods by a long shot, but the choice of fruit is still extremely important if you want to make the most out of your kegs. While strawberries, blueberries, and cranberries are all great seasonal choices for wine-making, the ultimate fruit is the Starfruit. Starfruit wine sells for 2,250 gold, but age it in a cask and the price can bump up to 3,375 gold, making it the best artisan good in the game for its price alone.

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