Austin’s Best Wine Clubs to Try Right Now

Austin’s Best Wine Clubs to Try Right Now

There’s nothing quite like the convenience of new and exciting wines selected for you monthly, and there are several Austin-based wine clubs to provide this service.

Wine clubs provide an expert-curated variety of wine (usually three or six bottles), often with a theme to explore in each box. The wine clubs vary in price and specializations, with many Austin clubs focusing on natural wine.

This article focuses on wine clubs that source from different vineyards sorted alphabetically. For more wine near Austin, check out Eater’s guide of Central Texas wineries. Most, like Southold Farm & Cellar, Wine for the People, and C.L. Butaud, have wine clubs of their own. Another great option is of course the Eater Wine Club, which provides two or four natural wines delivered each month.

Available in three or six bottles packs with three pricing tiers from $75 to $415
Sign up online for pickups at the restaurant (6555 Burnet Road, Brentwood)
Neapolitan pizzeria Bufalina has a well-established wine program (it was one of the first to bring the natural wine trend to Austin) thanks to wine director Rania Zayyat, so expect great things from the wine club as well. There are three levels: Glou Glou focuses on easy-to-drink wine, Sip Sip wines are meant to be savored slowly, and Glee wines are rare or allocated. Members also get discounted wine and first access to buy the wine retail through the webstore.

$95 for three bottles, $185 for six bottles
Sign up online for deliveries; pickups are available at the Austin Winery (440 East St. Elmo Road, East Congress)
Wine writer Emma Siobhan is in charge of this new monthly wine club, which focuses on small-production, low-intervention wines. Wine club members also get tasting notes, recipe suggestions, and a gift each month. Glou Glou donates a portion of the monthly wine club sales back into the community.

$59 for two bottles, $99 for three bottles
Sign up online for pickups at the bar (408 Josephine Street, Zilker)
The casual tasting room offers a Wine Geeks membership which includes two or three bottles of wine per month as well as a virtual tasting party hosted by the selecting sommelier, wine producer, or industry professional to learn about the selections. The wines focus on lesser-known regions, new trends, or boutique producers. Membership also includes discounted wines and tastings, and more.

Available in three or six bottles packs with three pricing tiers from $45 to $135
Sign up online for pickups at the hotel, 101 Red River Street, Downtown
The fancy downtown hotel offers a wine club curated by beverage director Andrew Grenz. The Good Things wine club is perhaps the most customizable, with each of its three tiers (Good Things, Great Things, Surprise Adventure) available in red-only, white-only, or mixed.

$150 for six bottles, $300 for 12 bottles
Sign up online for monthly deliveries
Another pizzeria with a natural wine selection, the Meteor’s wine club promises variety in every box. The 12-bottle package also comes with a $25 gift certificate to the South Congress cafe.

Bottles of wine on a shelf

Wines at the Meteor
The Meteor/Facebook

$150 for three bottles, $275 for six bottles, with discounts for three-month memberships
Sign up online for pickups at the restaurant (1912 East Seventh Street, Blackshear-Prospect Hill)
The butcher shop and restaurant expanded with a next-door natural wine shop, which offers a monthly selection of wines so rare they often won’t hit the shelves. The wines, selected by new beverage director Erika Widmann, come from small producers following sustainable practices and using natural yeasts. Wine club members receive tasting notes for each wine as well as suggested recipes.

15 percent off, three bottles estimated at $60, and six bottles estimated at $120
Sign up online for pickups at the bar (407 Red River Street, Downtown)
This downtown tasting room lets members choose the styles of wine (for example, dry red, sweet whites, mixed reds and whites), and the tasting room experts will choose wines from Texas winemakers. Members also receive 15 percent off purchases from the tasting room.

10 percent off all wines, 20 percent off featured wines, further discounts for bundles of three, six, or nine bottles
Sign up online for pickups at the cafe (500 San Marcos Street, East Austin), with plans for delivery soon
Press Wine Club, a new creation from Chris Mumford and Josh Beach of the coffee shop and bar, will feature a curated variety of approachable natural wines each month, as well as a bit of information on the growers themselves.

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