Coffee beefs up with beef backer award | Living

Coffee beefs up with beef backer award | Living

Coffee, Greene and White counties are the winners of the Beef Backer Contest, which encouraged consumers to purchase and prepare beef during July Beef Month. The Tennessee Beef Industry Council partnered with Tennessee Farm Bureau’s Young Farmers and Ranchers to develop this contest to help young producers create local events promoting beef.

Eleven events were held, reaching thousands of consumers with beef samples, educational materials and giveaways. Young producers were tasked with organizing events, recruiting sponsors and working with community partners to promote activities. The Tennessee Beef Industry Council provided counties with beef promotional items including recipes, signage, graphics and Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner. brochures.

“This project was a great way for youth to build community relationships in addition to promoting beef,” said Janna Sullivan, director of consumer information and youth education at the Tennessee Beef Industry Council. “The three winning counties developed creative events that really educated consumers about beef.”

Winning counties were selected based on creativity, estimated reach of promotion, effective use of promotional materials, community engagement and event promotion. Each winner received $1,000 for their county Young Farmer and Rancher group.

“These young producers served as excellent beef ambassadors, increasing consumer awareness of beef’s nutrition, taste and versatility,” concluded Sullivan.

Tennessee is home to 1.8 million head of cattle on more than 37,000 farms and ranches. For more information about the Tennessee beef and cattle industry and to find beef recipes, visit

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