At Harbinger Coffee, Jonathan Jaro makes a “refreshingly bitter” coffee foam.

Colorado State University now has its own official cup of joe.

Denver-based Boyer’s Coffee has partnered with the Fort Collins university to create a coffee blend called Rams Roast.

The medium roast variety hit shelves exclusively at Safeway stores at the end of September and is scheduled to be stocked through Thanksgiving.

Boyer’s will donate $1 to CSU for each bag sold.

The coffee roaster has partnered with other universities along the Front Range as well, creating a Buffs Blend for the University of Colorado, Falcons Roast for the Air Force Academy and Cowboy Coffee for the University of Wyoming.

Boyer’s Coffee has operated since 1965, sourcing coffee beans from three continents and roasting its products inside of a converted 1927 schoolhouse located just outside downtown Denver.

Earlier this year, Boyer’s partnered with Walmart on a new new line of organic coffee called Mash-Up Coffee that’s offered exclusively at more than 1,200 of the chain’s stores.

This isn’t the first CSU-branded beverage. Last year the university teamed with New Belgium Brewing for a golden lager called Old Aggie that’s available year-round in Colorado.

CSU receives a portion of Old Aggie sales, with the proceeds divided equally among CSU’s Fermentation Science and Technology Program, CSU Athletics and efforts around alcohol education.


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