Coupa, ESG vendors, and more

Coupa, ESG vendors, and more

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Felix, a cloud-based procurement management platform, announced on Friday the expansion of its platform with the launch of its Procurement Schedule module.

Felix’s module aims to provide visibility and control over procurement programs and performance. Procurement Schedule is tailored to help organizations connect project planning, scheduling and tracking data with sourcing processes.

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“Using spreadsheets to manage multi-billion procurement programs is an industry norm,” Mike Davis, Felix’s Co-Founder and CEO, said in a press release. “By bringing Procurement Schedule into our enterprise solution, Felix is connecting this critical function to the procurement lifecycle. The module is now live across a leading multinational contractor and we are incredibly excited by the strong response from existing and new customers as we continue to focus on scaling the enterprise platform.”

Liquor shortages related to shipping and raw materials

Liquor buyers and bartenders are seeing liquor shortages that persisted since the end of June, impacting premium, mid-shelf and lower-tier products, according to Supply Chain Dive.

Bars and restaurants have struggled to fill shelves as customers emerged from their homes after Covid restrictions lifted. But the heightened demand has strained supply. The conditions are far-reaching and shaping how alcohol brands plan into fiscal year 2022, the article said.

The liquor industry is facing supply chain logistics issues like shipping delays and transport interruptions. It’s also facing a glass shortage which is disrupting supply.

“The turnaround time used to be anywhere from 2 to 3 hours, now it’s been almost 48 hours,” Hunter Thurston, a liquor buyer, told Supply Chain Dive. “If you’re a small business, big business, whatever it is … you place your liquor order, you got to hope that everything is in stock, and that the system is updated.”

Spend Matters’ analysts look at Coupa’s marketplace app, ESG vendors, and PRO Unlimited-Workforce Logiq’s acquisition

This week, Spend Matters PRO analysts looked at the Coupa App Marketplace news, sharing what it means for the industry. Analysts Nikhil Gaur and Nick Heinzmann shared how risk management solutions address sustainability efforts with profiles of IntegrityNext, riskmethods, Robobai, GoSupply and Resilinc. Also, the Spend Matters’ analyst team did an M&A analysis of PRO Unlimited and Workforce Logiq.

Our PRO subscribers can read the full articles, but all readers can see the lengthy intros that frame the issues being discussed. This week:

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