Death Wish Coffee Co. partners with FACEIT to keep gamers caffeinated

Death Wish Coffee Co. partners with FACEIT to keep gamers caffeinated

Online gaming has picked up over the past year, and Death Wish Coffee and FACEIT have both picked up on that. Can you imagine playing CS:GO and drinking the world’s strongest coffee?

Well, good news, everyone! Death Wish Coffee has teamed up with FACEIT to help keep their US gamers caffeinated.

They’ve launched their Ready-To-Drink line of canned coffee drinks, which includes a sweetened and unsweetened cold brew as well as the World’s Strongest Latte. And if you’ve never had one of Death Wish Coffee’s drinks, they definitely pack a punch. You won’t be reaching for another can in the middle of an online match just to keep you going.

FACEIT is the leading competitive platform for online multiplayer games, like CS:GO, Dota 2, and Rainbow Six Siege to name only a few. You’ve probably watched a few of their competitive gaming tournaments and haven’t even realized it.

Partnering up with Death Wish Coffee seemed like a logical step for the company since many gamers drink energy drinks. And their coffee is some of the strongest you’ll ever drink. Seriously, if you’ve never had the pleasure of trying their beans or any of their canned drinks, you are absolutely missing out.

Both companies are ecstatic for the partnership. In the press release, Jeff Ayers in Digital Media and Broadcasting at Death Wish Coffee states, “As esports and gaming are becoming larger and more visible, we realize that gamers need two things: the fuel to keep gaming and a brand that is as bold as they are.”

Michele Attisani, Co-Founder and CBO at FACEIT said:

Death Wish Coffee has a fantastic brand identity and mission that we feel aligns with our own values. Their approach naturally resonates with competitive gaming which can be high octane, energetic and fun. Most importantly their products don’t include chemicals. Our community competes together for hours at a time so it’s important that whatever they are picking up to eat or drink is as natural as possible.”

If you’re interested in winning some of their product, check into their events for Counter Strike: Global Offensive. From completing a series of missions to community nights to sweepstakes, you can win discounts and up to a year’s worth of free coffee.

More details to come on most of these events, but you can enter to win two bags of coffee per month for the next year on their website now.

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