Harrisonburg coffee shops “espresso” gratitude this National Coffee Day

Harrisonburg coffee shops “espresso” gratitude this National Coffee Day

HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) – The smell of coffee beans and the sound of coffee machines filled the air for National Coffee Day on Wednesday. In Harrisonburg, coffee shops have been enjoying the day centered around java.

“It’s always nice to have a day about coffee,” Chance Ebersold, the owner of Black Sheep Coffee, said.

However, this year, Ebersold said they are especially grateful as things are feeling more back to normal.

He said this time last year, a lot of coffees were taken to go and said it has been great to see the community aspect of a coffee shop return.

“There have actually been quite a few people that I have not seen in a while that I’ve started to see over the last few months, so it’s been nice to catch up with them and see what’s going on and to see that everybody’s been okay,” Ebersold said.

Hailey Rogers, manager at Shenandoah Joe, said they are grateful for the support from regular visitors throughout the last few months and are especially eager to have college students back in town.

“Things have picked up tremendously since the students have been back in town,” Rogers said. “It’s just been fantastic to see all the faces that we missed last year, the students coming back, and we get to see them and catch up with them and they bring their friends. It’s just been great with everybody’s been back.”

Rogers said they have had a slower day for National Coffee Day at the shop, but said it makes her reflect on the last year.

“Even on a slow day like today, it makes you really grateful for the slow days too just knowing what we went through last year,” Rogers said.

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