Healthy alternatives to consider when ordering at fast-food restaurants

Healthy alternatives to consider when ordering at fast-food restaurants

Trying to stay slim and be health conscious this summer?

Eating on-the-go has never been more convenient to grab a bite to eat, since we now have the luxury of curbside pick-up, mobile order pick-up to skip the line.

Even when you’re in a rush and don’t have time to count calories, here are some tips on how to make healthy choices at your favorite fast-food chains.

Skip the bun

Start your day off right with an egg white grill without the bun. You can find this breakfast item for under 290 calories. You’ll love pairing grilled chicken with a toasted multigrain English muffin, egg whites and American cheese.

Stick to black coffee or a low sugar drink

Usually, in most fast-food chains, black coffee without added sugar or cream should be zero calories. If you need a good caffeine fix, black coffee is the way to go and you can even opt for a black iced coffee.

Ask for grilled options


Instead of having your meat fried with oil, see if you can have your chicken nuggets or patty grilled. Grilled chicken nuggets are definitely the way to go!

Switch up your sides

If you don’t want fries, ask if a fruit cup or side salad is available. Feeling adventurous? Try a kale salad and look at the calorie count of the salad dressing before you order it for the salad. Salad dressing is where you get hidden calories from. Ask for fat-free options or vinegarette. Try not to use all the dressing and take off any toppings such as croutons to take away calories.

When hunger strikes throughout the day, turn to these keto-conscious menu items for sustenance.

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