How To Use A Coffee Maker For A Strongly Brewed Coffee? | Most Searched Products

How To Use A Coffee Maker For A Strongly Brewed Coffee? | Most Searched Products

When people think of coffee, they think of it as an energy beverage that will help them to get through the day. Many of us occasionally visit a cafe and have a large cup of coffee, just to feel good and refreshed. Coffee has several other benefits too. It lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes, liver cancer and heart failure. The earliest traces of coffee could be found in the middle of the 15th Century in modern-day Yemen where the coffee seeds were crushed and mixed with water to obtain the beverage. In the 16th century, coffee reached the shores of Europe.

If you like coffee more than tea then you must know that the secret of a perfect coffee lies in two places. The goodness of coffee beans and how well the coffee is brewed. Get home a coffee maker and brew the best coffee from the comfort of your home. If you already have a coffee and are still finding your ways around it then read the guide that will help you to use your coffee makers to their full potential.

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How To Use A Coffee Maker?
Adding coffee filter in the filter basket
Add the coffee power
Check the quantity of water as per coffee
Plugin the coffee maker and switch it on
Wait till the coffee is properly brewed


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Step 1: Adding a coffee filter to the filter basket

Coffee filters are essential for the functioning of a coffee maker and obtaining coffee. It is advisable to not use generic, cheap filters as they don’t filter the coffee well and cause harm to the coffee maker. You can use bleached or natural coffee filters. If your coffee maker comes with a pre-installed coffee filter mesh then use that filter since it is the best coffee filter for your machine. Add the filter to the filter basket and close the filter basket lid. You’ll have to change the filter whenever you use the maker next.

Get a premium coffee drinking experience with this soluble coffee powder. It is made with robusta and arabica seeds for fine taste and smell. This comes with an airtight, specially designed glass jar that keeps the powder away from moisture. The coffee powder is imported from South Korea to provide a rich coffee drinking experience.

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Step 2: Add the coffee power

The simple rule here is to add as much coffee powder to the filter as per the quantity of coffee you want. The general rule is 2 tablespoons of coffee for every 170-180 ml of water. According to that measurement, you can calculate how much coffee powder and what quantity of water you require for a perfect coffee.

Also note that different coffee types need different water levels, do check the water requirements of the coffee before adding the water.

E is a smart all-in-one coffee maker and a travel mug from Nescafe that allows you to make your own favourite type of coffee anywhere and while travelling as well. You can connect this via Bluetooth on the phone and Nescafe connected app. It can brew both hot and cold coffees and lets you experiment with recipes at the touch of a button. This is a trendy, 100% spill-proof cup and prepares coffee in a minute to 90 seconds, silently.

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Step 3: Check the quantity of water as per coffee

Coffee makers have lines indicating the water level, you can even use a marked container to add the desired amount of water. The intention here is to pour the water into the water container. The water container is often placed before the filter chamber or right on top of the chamber.

This is a pack of two that consists of raw coffee seeds with an added flavour of caramel and vanilla. These tastes will also be present after you have brewed the coffee. These seeds are best if you are looking for an added flavour in your coffee.

Get raw coffee seeds here:

Step 4: Plugin the coffee maker and switch it on
Place the coffee pot accurately under the outlet to receive the freshly brewed coffee. Modern coffee makers have an auto switch on and off button so that can ease your process of getting the coffee and save some time as well. There are manual coffee makers as well, where you’ll have to set the time manually.

This coffee maker from Morphy Richards can easily make espresso, cappuccino and latte coffee. It has a built-in milk frothing nozzle for a latte, espresso. It has a dedicated special nozzle to get a freshly brewed cappuccino.

Get more coffee makers here:

Step 5: Wait till the coffee is properly brewed

Once you have received the coffee in the pot, let the pot be on the hot plate for a while and then serve the coffee. This process will allow the coffee to settle and make it great while tasting. You can either purchase raw coffee seeds or grounded coffee powder for your coffee making.

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Other FAQs

  1. Do coffee makers really make a difference?
    Yes, coffee makers enhance the brewing experience. Better brewing of coffee can lead to a better aroma and taste.
  2. Are coffee makers really worth it?
    Yes, they are worth it because they make the process of getting coffee cheap and easy. They are also one-time investments.
  3. How long do coffee makers last?
    Coffee makers last around 5 – 7 years if used properly.

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