Indie Coffee opens new location in Purdue West | City

Indie Coffee opens new location in Purdue West | City

The Carmel-based Indie Coffee Roasters is now open at 1501 W. State St., on the west side of Purdue’s campus.

The company began roasting coffee in 2013, and sold its products at local farmers markets. In 2017, Indie Coffee joined with some partners to start a brick and mortar business in Carmel, which opened in January 2018.

Owner Diane McAndrews said she feels the area of the new location is growing and hopes it will become a part of Purdue’s community, as there are not as many coffee shops on the west side of campus.

Amaya Hatten, a barista at Indie Coffee, said she thinks the shop will get more popular over time.

“At first, I think it is going to be a little quiet since it is a bit of a distance from campus, but as this area continues to expand, I think it will be a really big hit.”

Indie Coffee offers four syrups: vanilla, chocolate, caramel and a simple syrup made of water and sugar, as well as a selection of signature drinks that rotate four times a year, allowing the staff to be creative.

McAndrews said Indie Coffee does the traditional flavors of the season for their signature drinks, adding that the flavor “Pumpkin Patch” will be coming to West Lafayette next week. Some other coming fall drinks are “Ginger Spice” and “Cozy Cardi.”

“We are focused on the coffee,” McAndrews said. “We don’t blend the coffees, and we keep them all single origin. We put the name of the farm on the bags to represent more of the farmers, because they do most of the hand’s work.”

Some students said the shop has a unique atmosphere compared to others near campus.

“It’s definitely more minimalistic than other coffee shops, it’s definitely different from other coffee shops around campus. It’s pretty quiet here, which can be good and bad,” Madeline Weaver, a sophomore in the College of Health and Human Sciences, said.

Hatten said the atmosphere sets Indie apart.

“I love everything about Indie. All of us have only been working here for a month or so, but the owners and managers have made us feel very welcome. The community here is awesome, and a really big thing to us. We love having people in and getting to know them.”

Abby Gordon, a sophomore in the College of Health and Sciences, compared the new location to the one in Carmel.

“It’s really similar, but this location is quieter and it’s easier to focus here,” she said.

McAndrews said the shop is concerned with more than just coffee.

“We really like to focus on the people. I love a repeat customer, and I love it when you get to know their name and about who they are and what their story is.”

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