Local businesses are providing incentives for vaccinated people

Local businesses are providing incentives for vaccinated people

Free coffee till the end of the year, free ticket to a Columbia Fireflies game or get a shot at a state park and stay for free.

COLUMBIA, S.C. — In an effort to get more people vaccinated, some local businesses in the Midlands are creating incentives for those who haven’t got one, to get a COVID-19 vaccine. 

According to the Fireflies, fans who receive the vaccine at the game on May 28 or 29 will get a free Fireflies hat and a ticket voucher to attend the June 18 or 19 Fireflies game, where they can obtain their second dose.

People can get the vaccine inside the park, along the concourse by the Crescent Patio in right field. Fans do not have to pre-register and can just walk-up to get the vaccine.

“We’re about everyone getting back onto their feet right now and the best way to do that is for as many people as possible to get vaccinated,” said John Kocsis the Broadcasting/Media Relations Manager for the Columbia Fireflies. 

Kocsis said getting more people vaccinated is the best way to get back to normal. 

“We partner with Prisma Health, right down the road,” Kocsis said. “Prisma Health is going to have their officials administering everything they’re gonna have an RV out front. So you’re going to be able to see Prisma plastered all over the ballpark and you’re on the crescent patio. This is a great opportunity to partner with Prisma Health to help the community and get back to normal.”

In Five Points, Sean McCrossin owns Drip Coffee. His shop is also joining in the push to get more people vaccinated. 

Drip Coffee is entering anyone who is vaccinated, into a raffle that would win them free coffee everyday from July until the end of 2021.

“You know, we’re not offering medical advice,” McCrossin said. “We are just rewarding people that have taken the belief in science. You know, it’s good to see a lot of businesses get on board with all this and try to make a movement happen so we all kind of feel safer and and return to some form of normality.”

Other businesses have also announced they will be providing incentives for those who are vaccinated. 

Krispy Kreme has announced they will provide one free donut every day to each person who shows proof of vaccination. 

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At CVS, starting June 1, they plan on offering chances to win prizes to those who get their COVID-19 vaccine through CVS Health. 

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On Wednesday, the SC Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) announced they are working on a mobile program with the South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism and the SC Brewery Guild. The plan DHEC said would be to hold vaccine clinics at state parks an anyone who gets a vaccine, would be allowed to enjoy the state park for free. 

A plan to increase the number of vaccinated 20-30 year old’s, DHEC is working on a program called “Shot for a Beer.” Anyone who gets a vaccine, will receive a free beer. Neither of the DHEC programs are happening yet, they are still in the planning stages. 

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But will these incentives work? 

Community response was mixed. 

“Oh, I would absolutely go get a vaccine if there was free coffee or free baseball or free anything on the line. I mean, I’m still a college student here and free things are always a big win,” said one University of South Carolina student. 

Another Midlands resident said: “Yeah, I think that will be a good incentive, a good perk to promote people to get vaccinated and I will definitely want to.”

“I don’t know, I don’t think incentives are that important because I think a lot of people are still, are willing to get it now. So, I don’t know how effective incentives are going to be in the long run,” said a Columbia resident. 

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