Omaha Farmers Market Guide – The Reader

Omaha Farmers Market Guide – The Reader

If you dig local, fresh goodness, as well as feeling connected to your community, you must be very excited for the Omaha Farmers Market this season. The cultural event marks a welcomed and refreshing step towards a new normal for Omaha, its greater metropolitan area, and the state of Nebraska writ large.

But with the last year being what it was and this year proving destabilized as well (albeit to a somewhat lesser degree), folks of all stripes are increasingly curious about this year’s iteration. While there are several locations and countless vendors for you to choose from, this guide includes a few market locations and featured vendors.

Note all three locations listed below will open, rain or shine, to the public. However, each of these markets observes a policy wherein the first hour is expressly reserved for seniors, expectant mothers, and folks with underlying health conditions. With that said, go forth and enjoy!

Row of Vendors at Omaha Farmers Market
Both Omaha Farmers Market locations, at the Old Market and Baxter Arena, accept Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). Found on Facebook page

Omaha Farmers Market in the Old Market

  • 1011 Jackson St. | Park Omaha (10th & Jackson Garage – top-level)
  • Saturdays, May 1 – Oct. 9 | 8 am – 12:30 pm

As the original location of Omaha’s Farmers Market, then known as the City Market, nearly 100 years ago, the Old Market served as the site for its reopening after a 30-year hiatus in 1994 as well. This season, the Farmers Market in the Old Market has been shuffled ever so slightly down the street to the Jackson Street parking garage.

Visitors can expect that familiar air of love that blooms during the Omaha springtime and lasts throughout the summer. Buskers will emblazon the walk, and the sense of unity that has concretized into tradition will be on full display. On its opening day, this location saw approximately 60 vendors opened to the public.

The most notable difference will most likely be in one’s ability to sample – which is not to say that sampling will not be a thing. It will merely look and feel different, as many vendors will either implement creative ways to give customers a taste of their products or opt against sampling altogether. 

Line of customers at Omaha Farmers Market
The Village Pointe Farmers Market celebrates its 16th year in Omaha. Found on Facebook page

Village Pointe Farmers Market

  • 168th St. & Dodge St. | Village Pointe Shopping Center
  • Saturdays, May 1 – Oct. 2 | 8:30 am – 12:30 pm

If you are searching strictly for a grower’s market – that is, a Farmers Market in Omaha that does not feature crafts or processed foods but instead relies solely on home-grown, edible, or plant-able goodness – check out Village Pointe Farmers this season. A great hidden gem awaits you in the southeast parking lot behind Old Navy in the Village Pointe Shopping Center. Because the only thing better than dining outside is shopping for your food outside.

Here, you can expect locally sourced foods, mostly from family farms throughout Nebraska, Iowa, and South Dakota. And while not all the food is organic, most of it natural, chemical-free, and a product of sustainable agriculture. Moreover, this market is one of the few in town that requires GMO labeling.

Ultimately, if you live out in West Omaha, have a hunger for fresh, local foods, and can attend safely, the Village Pointe Farmers Market is for you. Note face masks are not required to attend, though they are highly encouraged.

Crowd at the Omaha Farmers Market first Sunday
The first Sunday of the Omaha Farmer’s Market was a home-grown success! Found on Facebook page

Omaha Farmers Market in Baxter Arena

  • 2425 S. 67th St. | Parking Lot 26 (across from Aksarben Village)
  • Sundays, May 2 – Oct. 10 | 9 am – 1 pm

In 2010, the second Omaha Farmers Market location opened in Aksarben Village, greatly expanding the city’s tradition of centering community around local foods, crafts, and the small-scale return of live music. This year, the farmers market has been moved across from its usual location to Parking Lot 26, outside Baxter Arena.

Here, visitors can expect some of the same excellent vendors from Saturday’s Old Market location, in addition to other Sunday-exclusive vendors, each spaced out to observe social distancing and provide an intimate experience. Naturally, folks who attend both days will get the best of both worlds.

Note that no animals are allowed on the market’s premises, except, of course, for service animals. Additionally, there is handicapped parking available in both customer parking lots 25 and 26.

All About Bee's canned goods
The buzz surrounding It’s All About Bees began in 2000 when Wendy Fletcher opened the shop. Found on Facebook page

It’s All About Bees

  • (402) 216-4545
  • Saturdays at Old Market location | Sundays at Baxter Arena location

It is too easy to be in constant awe of the multi-faceted powers of bees and their honey once one becomes aware of those intriguing and natural powers. It’s All About Bees is one local vendor that is doubling down on that fact, rekindling a regional appreciation for these busy insects and impressing Omaha Farmers Market visitors through their artful and environmentally conscious collaboration, one Saturday and Sunday at a time.

From delectable edibles like honey, jams, and butter to lip balms and skincare items, It’s All About Bees features various creative and fun products at their booth and online for customers to peruse thoughtfully. So, if you are looking for a great, unique present for your loved one, there is perhaps no other vendor that is so universally appealing and capable of touching every base from food to beauty products.

Benson Soap Mill's Soap
Join Benson Soap Mill’s Soap Club for tons of great soap goodies at an incredibly affordable price. Found on Facebook page

Benson Soap Mill

  • (402) 212-9379
  • Saturdays at Old Market location | Sundays at Baxter Arena location

Benson Soap Mill is that rare local business that has tasked itself with cleaning up the city of Omaha from the bottom up. And despite the nature of that battle, this is one soap business that cannot be removed from its one goal – to transform natural and discarded products into something unique and enjoyable in soap form.

In the face of unmitigated and obscured environmental damage, Benson Soap Mill employs a sustainable approach to beauty products, a model that will hopefully inspire other businesses to follow suit. And the best part is that the company’s products remain highly affordable, despite the invaluable, broader service they offer the city.

Benson Soap Mill will be at both Omaha Farmers Market locations each weekend. You can also check out their website for more information about which stores carry their ingenious and lovely products.

Tapdancers Espresso Blend packages
A former tap-dance instructor, Tom Dancer began Tap Dancer Specialty Coffee in 2011. Found on Facebook page

Tap Dancer Specialty Coffee

  • (402) 707-7546
  • Saturdays at Old Market location | Sundays at Baxter Arena location

Since 2015, Tap Dancer Coffee has consistently won the Best of Omaha’s award for Best Coffee Roaster – and for good reasons. That recognition for coffee greatness makes this vendor an essential visit for any self-respecting coffee connoisseur in a city that loves coffee.

Tap Dancer is a profound local coffee company because they employ the finest strategies to procure ethical, healthy, and specialty grade coffee for you to enjoy in several contexts. They are a brand that knows who, when, and where their coffee comes from – so you can rest assured your morning, afternoon, or even nightly cup is making a positive impact on the world in which you sip.

Curious visitors can sign up for their Coffee Subscription and Delivery services. And with their booths opened at both the Old Market and Baxter Arena locations, there has never been a better opportunity to dive into next-level blends.

Dogalicious dog treat display
Because dogs deserve to be treated, too. Found on Facebook Page

Dogalicious Treats

Since 1997, Dogalicious has treated Omaha’s four-legged friends to healthy and all-natural snacks that are as delicious as they are fun to enjoy. So, if you have a dog and are concerned about what goes into their body in the form of low fat and calories, this Saturday Old Market vendor is for you.

Their regular-sized snacks come in five great and unique flavors, including the healthy Pumpkin, Carrot and Oat, and Apple Cinnamon and Oat options. But the Molasses and Oat and Peanut Butter and Honey flavors are also great for any hungry pup who does not necessarily deal with a health condition.

Note these snacks do include wheat. And if you are looking to order a large or jumbo-sized order of anything except for Peanut Butter and Honey, you must give the good folks at Dogalicious a week’s notice before showing up at the Farmer’s Market.

Dee-sign Landscaping & Carden Shop pottery with plants in it
Unique pottery is one of many features that visitors can discover at the vending booth this season. Found on Facebook page

Dee-Sign Landscaping & Garden Shop

  • (402) 392-1444
  • Saturdays at Village Pointe location | Sundays at Baxter Arena location

If you are searching for a female-fronted business to support and love high-quality landscaping and plant material, you will doubtless doubly appreciate Dee-Sign Landscaping. In addition to being a staple of Omaha’s farmers market circuit, for 20 years, this company has provided countless landscaping makeovers throughout the city, demonstrated by the fact that 75% of their clientele has been through referrals.

In addition to unique plants, visitors can expect this vendor to showcase and offer several unique trellises, pottery, and garden accessories to beautify your outdoor home environment. After paying a visit to the Village Pointe or Baxter Arena location, you can either do the beautification yourself or inquire about planting and landscaping maintenance services. Just make sure to do your research before eating any flowers.

Ultimately, if you adore transforming your space and have a green thumb, Dee-Sign Landscaping is worth your visit. The sheer quality and range of products are enough to satisfy gardeners of every level and background.

Wellensiek Custom Meats Cook NE display at Farmers Market
You’ve never had a better tasting steak in Nebraska. Found on Facebook page

Wellensiek Custom Meats

No farmer’s market is quite complete without a healthy selection of free-range eggs and meats. And that fact is something Wellensiek Custom Meats takes in stride as a small, family-owned business based in the green pastures of Cook, Nebraska.

With the addition of poultry cuts in 2019, Wellensiek Custom Meats expanded its vision for exceptional and ethical products greatly. And that addition benefited all who would interact with the business and their goods each season going forward, especially for folks who want compassionately sourced and readily accessible poultry.

Ultimately, if you understand the critical importance of ethically sourced meats and eggs, you will not regret checking out this establishment’s booth at the Village Pointe location. Not only will you notice the difference in the taste of the food, but you will also tell the difference within your eased mind and heart.

Don’t forget to eat your vegetables! Found on website

Daniels Produce

If you are in the market for a vendor that thoughtfully grows, packs, and ships its produce, look no further than the renowned Daniels Produce. This magnificently independent business has done just that for 25 years, with no sign of slowing down, readily apparent by a visit to their vending location on Saturdays at Village Pointe.

Indeed, Daniels Produce offers the staple produce items that folks have come to expect at any farmer’s market worth its salt, including tomatoes, zucchini, and eggplant. But the business now also offers 600 acres of deliciously sweet corn, mouthwatering bell peppers, and wholesome cabbage to enjoy.

For visitors who desire the highest quality of specialty produce items and appreciate the importance of community supported agriculture, this booth effectively has your name on it. The best of Platte county is on full display for you to add an impeccable variety to your haul this season.

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