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Daily News readers were asked to share their best house cleaning tips and tricks.

Chuck Vandette, Lakeview — “Take a nap.”

Yvonne Denise Harwood, Belding — “You know those little sponge craft paint brushes. Best thing ever for cleaning all the tiny little vents and creases on an oven, well and other things. I got that when I saw car detailing instructions for louvers on the car dash. Was so frustrated trying to clean them previously.”

Melissa Baldwin, Belding — “Shaving cream will help get soap scum off your shower walls without scratching. A little goes a long way. Also baking soda is the best on a damp cloth to get anything in your home clean. For tougher areas all a little vinegar with some elbow grease. No chemical clean. For mopping floors add dawn dish soap vinegar and baking soda. Just a little is all you need.”

Netane Albert, Belding — “If you have kids, just give up. You can clean when they move out.”

Nikki Zahm, Belding — “House work is never ending. Calling a professional makes for a much less stressful life!”

Jennifer Knowles, Greenville — “Baking soda or salt are great to scrub with and won’t scratch. Clogged sink? Dump baking soda down your sink, pour vinegar down it and it will fizz right up for a while then pour boiling hot water down it. Take already used dryer sheets to clean the dryer trap and also to dust with as it cuts down the static. Put panty hose over your broom and use it to get cobwebs in high corners. I put a little bleach in my dish water to kill germs and keep dishes cleaner. Take a laundry basket thru the house and throw in everything that needs to be taking to another room like dirty dishes, dirty clothes, shoes etc.”

Elle Reeves, Greenville — “No Scrub Microwave Cleaning — fill a coffee cup 1/2 full with water, put in microwave for 3-4 minutes. When you remove the coffee cup, you can now EASILY wipe the microwave clean with a damp dish cloth.”

Cindy Aseltine Stowell, Greenville — “Never leave a room with empty hands.”

Destiny Besio, Greenville — “I set aside 2 hours each week for major cleaning and stay on top of chores throughout by never leaving the kitchen dirty after meals and doing small tasks between whatever else I’m currently doing, ie vacuum on commercial break, etc.”

Cyndi Cozalles, Greenville — “I put my dirty containers for recycling in my used dish water to soak before I drain the sink. I spend less time and water cleaning recycling. I guess, I maybe one of the last remaining persons who has to wash dishes by hand! I also use a Swiffer type mop to clean walls and ceilings.”

Paige Sochor, Greenville — “Sweep the house every morning … It moves out the stagnate energy from the day before and leaves the house fresh feeling. Also, It’s nice to feel gratitude for your home while you do it. It’s like giving a little blessing to your home.”

Michelle Lynn Kramer, Ionia — “Hire a house cleaner:)”

Michaela Palmer, Ionia — “Does your tub have rust stains? Lysol Power Toilet Bowl Cleaner will take care of that. A tip I got from someone that cleans houses. Just dont let it stay on anything metal for too long as it’ll corrode it.”

Linda Bennett, Ionia — “If you always put everything away where it belongs as soon as you’re done with it, you can clean your house once a week in much less time.”

Chris Wolcott, Ionia “Wet and Forget shower cleaner. Have not had to scrub my shower since I started using this. It’s awesome.”

Evonne Neeb Livingston, Ionia — “I do it to music. More fun and faster!”

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