RYZE mushroom coffee — combating forgetful, groggy days | Bakersfield Life

RYZE mushroom coffee — combating forgetful, groggy days | Bakersfield Life

I tried ‘shrooms during quarantine.

Not those ‘shrooms but Cordyceps for stamina, Lion’s Mane for focus, Reishi for stress, Shiitake for immunity, Turkey Tail for digestion and King Trumpet for inflammation, all in the form of coffee.

During the pandemic I started feeling forgetful, groggy and bloated. I was turning to Starbucks and energy drinks to give me enough energy to focus on work instead of the isolation from working and sleeping in the same room.

I really needed a product to help curb the excess sugar and caffeine in my diet along with my forgetfulness, grogginess and bloating.

I came across Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee during an ad break for a podcast. Many products advertised on podcasts these days are from companies you’d probably see on “Shark Tank.” The products tend to be healthy, sustainable and they usually solve a problem.

Every time I’m introduced to a new product on “Shark Tank,” I search for their Instagram profile to check out their content. If I like it, I follow, but because I searched “Four Sigmatic” on Instagram, I was soon plagued with ads for several mushroom coffee brands.

In those ads I discovered RYZE mushroom coffee. I received a direct message from their account offering me a 15 percent-off coupon. RYZE’s product was easy to make, and that coupon made it easier for me to want to try their product.

Before I purchased RYZE, I was buying a $5-to-$6 coffee three times a week before work. Since I started drinking RYZE, I’ve bought a coffee maybe five times, and two of those were because I was craving something sweet. I’ve felt less bloated since kicking Starbucks and energy drinks to the curb.

The mushroom coffee contains anti-inflammatories, antioxidants and adaptogens and is free from additives, artificial sugars or flavors, dairy and soy. I purchased RYZE’s mushroom coffee because it was the easiest coffee to make. I wanted a product that I could scoop, mix and drink. I didn’t want to use anything fancy like an immersion blender.

RYZE is great because you just scoop one serving into your choice of liquid. With 48 mg of caffeine per serving, you can drink it by itself or as an addition to a smoothie, protein shake, or coffee. You can also add it to a glass of water, but without milk it tastes like an earthy tea.

Although the coffee is earthy and may remind you of dirt, it’s a great supplement to combat a heavy dependence on sugar and caffeine. I’ve reduced the amount of money I waste on coffee and the amount of sugar and caffeine I consume.

The first time I tried it, I scooped one serving into a cup of coffee, and I was up and awake for seven and a half hours. This coffee gives you natural energy that seems like it comes from within you and not an aluminum can or venti cup. No crash, no jitters, just a really earthy taste. Add RYZE mushroom coffee to your diet and excommunicate the sugar and caffeine.

Anthony Jauregui is a writer from Bakersfield. He currently works as a report writer for a vocational expert.

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