Seven gadgets for happy homes

Seven gadgets for happy homes

Sage smart oven pizza iolo
“It’s like writing or writing poetry. pizzaSophia Loren said when interviewed. Uninhabited island disc Why she chooses a pizza oven as a luxury on a desert island. And after spending some time in Sage’s amazing new pizza oven, I understand where she came from.

Pizzaiolo, which means “pizza chef,” is not an ordinary domestic pizza maker. It claims to be the only domestic benchtop oven that replicates the scorching 400ºC of a brick oven. It’s absolutely certain: even the first run of my tick, which features a badly made dough and a chronic topping overload, has leopard spots and a gorgeous burnt base and material ready in 2 minutes It was delicious. Despite the Hades-like temperatures, they were also fresh and juicy.

The sage oven is plug-and-play and fits snugly on the kitchen countertop. It doesn’t just give a savage blow of 400ºC. The heat is applied to the pizza in three ways tuned by the algorithm. The deck (cordierite stone circle) applies conduction heat to the underside of the base. There is a radiant heat source directed to the outer ring of the upper crust and surrounding convective heat focused by a parabolic deflector to cook the toppings without burning them. However, be careful. Pizzaiolo is still hellish-there’s no way to prevent it from appearing burnt inside. And when the mozzarella drifting thing ignites, a fireworks event will occur. The machine also emits smoke around the door seal (which is intended to do so), so use it with a good ventilator or open the windows. £ 700,

Sage Smart Oven Pizzaiolo, £ 700

RAK Hotspot Minor V2
If you are a game for exploring cryptocurrency rabbit holes, you may want to consider hotspot miners. Our test model has been installed on a window shelf in Brooklyn for three months and is worth more than $ 1,000. Helium currency From thin air.

Here’s how it works … All “Internet of thingsDevices in public places from Dog collar tracker To Smart bike, Requires a nearby communication network or hotspot to connect wirelessly. The data generated by these gadgets is most often moved by established telephone networks (Vodafones and AT & T) that charge to carry information.

That’s where Napster’s Shawn Fanning and British game entrepreneur Amir Haleem come in. Their Helium startups aim to compete with traditional providers to carry data from Internet-of-Things devices over their own networks.They sell you hotspots with some hardware such as RAK’s hotspot miners, in which you take a percentage of the money earned by the helium network Cryptocurrency..

We know that the value of helium coins is quite valuable in the long run, but they are operating in more than 3,400 cities in Europe and North America and may be worth punting. $ 345,

RAK Hotspot Miner V2, $ 345
RAK Hotspot Miner V2, $ 345

Jura Z10 coffee machine
Jura’s new Z10 coffee machine shares all of the previous superior qualities Jura machine I’ve tested it and it’s packed with one great new feature and one unique feature that makes this the summer of Ice Latte Macchiato.

In addition to the wide range of hot espresso-based drinks produced by the machine, it features a patented cold brewing process to speed the painstaking and slow business of producing cold espresso by pulsed cold water at high pressure on coarse coffee grounds. I will upload it.

The smoothness of the first Latte Macchiato made with the Z10 is unforgettable, but keep in mind that you need enough ice on hand to keep it completely chilled. Also, if you want to play baristas at home, you need to be warned that all Jura models are push-button, so there is no manual portafilter to thrive and lock them in place. But across the recipe range, Jura Coffee is as tasty as I’ve tasted from a more professional home espresso maker. From £ 2,145

Jura Z10 coffee machine, from £ 2,145
Jura Z10 coffee machine, from £ 2,145

Zwilling Vacuum Food Storage
Move over the tapperware. This 300-year-old brand Zwilling’s food storage system under vacuum is well worth putting in the kitchen, even if you already have a lot of gadgets. The starter kit consists of an electronic vacuum pump, two rugged borosilicate glass refrigerator-to-oven containers (oven proof up to 180ºC), and a variety of plastic food bags. The pump draws air out of the container until it is all but vacuum, then turns off.

Zwilling says the food stays fresh in the fridge five times longer, which is correct. Two Sunday roasts have been sent from London’s food delivery service “Love Yourself”. It was pretty good, but mysteriously it came with a kilo of roasted carrots and parsnips. This is enough for about 8 people. After resealing the vacuum little by little every night, the food was fine two weeks after the experiment. Proven. But I will not eat roasted carrots or parsnips again until 2023 at the earliest. Zwilling set, from £ 80,

Zwilling Vacuum Food Storage, from £ 80 per set
Zwilling Vacuum Food Storage, from £ 80 per set

As technical sleep aids progress, this British machine, SleepPub, made by Cambridge Sleep Science, is considerable. It looks like a bedroom stereo system, with a central unit and two very heavy speakers playing low-pulse hum designed to match the waveforms the brain produces during healthy sleep. They differ in frequency and pitch throughout the night to mimic what the sleeping brain should register. Sounds are designed to train your brain to match them. Distracting hums are masked by selected ambient sounds, from white noise to streams and trains.

On the slightly elaborate side, a team of neuroscientists and sound technicians have spent 10 years developing it and it seems to be working. An insomniac friend who tested it (and hates technology) moodyly admitted that it was “really helpful.” Other users have reported that Fitbits and similar sleep trackers record longer, higher quality shut eyes when using the device. £ 399,

Sleephub, £ 399
Sleephub, £ 399

Smarter iKettle 3.0
The voice-controlled kettle wasn’t what I thought I would fall in love with. But Smarter iKettle 3.0 is a nice gadget. With this app, you can sync your kettle and turn it on when the alarm sounds in the morning (Teasmade in the 1960s and spin in the 2020s) or set the temperature you want to heat (do you need coffee? It depends on what you do). Different types of tea); You can also tell from a distance how full the kettle is.

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