Starbucks Now Makes Instant Coffee In 3 Different Roasts

Starbucks Now Makes Instant Coffee In 3 Different Roasts

There’s no shame in hitting up the Starbucks drive-thru every morning, but for the days you’re running late, your favorite coffee chain has products you can buy at the grocery store to be your own barista at home. The most recent addition to the Starbucks line-up is a collection of instant coffees that come in three different flavors.

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Instant coffee may not be your typical go-to when you’re picking up your groceries for the week but it’s a quick and easy option for those who aren’t familiar with making their own coffee or have yet to commit to a high-tech coffee machine. I should also remind you that instant coffee is one of the key ingredients to the uber-viral Dalgona whipped coffee that broke the internet last year, so you can use this Starbucks product to recreate that drink too.

New Starbucks Premium Instant is made with the same high-quality beans used at Starbucks cafes and comes in three familiar flavors. You can choose between Medium Roast, Dark Roast, and?Blonde Roast? depending on your preference. The Blonde Roast is crispy and sweet, Medium has notes of milk chocolate and nuts, and Dark offers subtle notes of dark chocolate.

Each flavor will be sold at grocery stores wherever you find your at-home Starbucks products and online. The 3.17-ounce canisters of coffee go for $9.99 and will be ready in minutes so you can skip the line at the drive-thru every once in a while and still achieve the same unbeatable flavor of Starbucks.

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