Starbucks shortages have gotten so bad that some stores are out of coffee

Starbucks shortages have gotten so bad that some stores are out of coffee

If you are a loyal Starbucks customer, then you probably know all about the current shortages that so many stores are facing. Even people who aren’t big fans of the coffee chain know about these shortages. And if you use the app, the company offers its users a message about the shortages as soon as you log in.

As someone who is a bit obsessed with Starbucks, the shortages have actually hit hard. On the app, the message we received apologizes for the “inconvenience” and suggests that customers check out some of the stores other menu options in order to try something new.

And going into the menu, you will see red messages under many items letting us know that the items are “sold out” at whichever location we have chosen. This means it is all about seeing what else your store has to offer.

Starbucks is running short on many items, leading to customers being forced to find new go-to drinks (and food)

However, with 25 menu items being hit hard, according to Yahoo News, in some cases, it is not as easy as just picking an alternate drink. In fact, on my own trip to Starbucks on June 11, the handwritten sign in the window made it clear that there were not only out of some of the items listed in the company shortage list, but they also could not serve hot or cold coffee.

Now, I don’t know about you, but when I go to Starbucks I am expecting coffee as an option. And without coffee as an option, as well as green tea being out of stock, it really felt like there was no point in this store being open.

That being said, I was still able to get an iced matcha tea latte, and the person I was with was able to get an iced black tea. So I guess it did make sense for them to keep the doors open.

Among the items that many stores are struggling to get in stock are Spinach and feta egg white wraps, green tea, oat milk, hazelnut syrup, and so much more. Of course, this just a few of the items that stores are having problems getting, and different locations are getting different items, which means while one store might be able to make that Iced Caramel Macchiato, others won’t. And while you could get an iced green tea in some stores, in others not so much.

While the shortage is certainly frustrating, we aren’t the only people who are frustrated. Baristas are just as unhappy as we are, and we need to remember that it is not their fault that things are out of stock.

Hopefully, things turn around soon, and our baristas don’t have to deal with a summer of anger.

Have you been experiencing issues getting your favorite Starbucks items? What is your go-to drink (or food item) that is currently out of stock? Tell us about your current Starbucks experiences.

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