Svag to Go Bratislava – Coffee in the neighbourhood

Svag to Go Bratislava – Coffee in the neighbourhood

In order to discover the nicest Bratislava coffees, not surprisingly, you need to stroll slightly outside the Old Town’s touristy pedestrian zone. In the residential area Palisady, still full of nice old streets and houses, you can find this tiny place, which although called “Svag to go”, also offers the possibility to chill around and sit at a couple of small tables. This coffee place really makes Kozia street alive, as people are actually hanging around on the street and talking over a coffee. It is always full of regular customers – either people living or working around, mommies with babies on their way to a neighboring park, but also some local artists looking for a place outside public attention. This is where you can meet a real variety of interesting people.

The recipe of Svag to go’s success is easy, and it’s based on really good coffee – for me the best in the city. Not too acidic, just the right taste. Another winning point for this concept is that they have a lot of good snacks to accompany it – both salty, which make for a very nice small breakfast, such as bread with spreads or bagels, or lovely sweet pastries and cakes. Everything is always fresh and they’ve never given up on the quality on me. It’s just a perfect place to start your day.

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