The Best New Whiskey Releases to Seek Out This Week

The Best New Whiskey Releases to Seek Out This Week

Today: A distillery-only launch from the fastest-growing independent American whiskey brand in history, a surprise foray into bourbon from an iconic Tennessee whiskey brand and a perfect Fourth of July bottle. Let’s get right to it.

The Tennesse whiskey upstarts just opened phase two of possibly the most expansive distillery we’ve ever seen — the Nearest Green Distillery features everything from the world’s first non-alcoholic speakeasy to the world’s longest bar (that part’s coming later this summer). Most importantly, the distillery serves as a fitting tribute to Green, a formerly enslaved man now known as the first African American master distiller on record. The brand also launched distillery-only expression called the Master Blend Edition — IMHO, the best thing they’ve released yet — if you need another reason to head down to Shelbyville. 

A bottle of Dickel bourbon, a new release from George Dickel, better known for its Tennessee Whiskey

Dickel Bourbon

George Dickel

Speaking of Tennessee whiskey — well, “whisky” — this iconic distillery just launched a new permanent offering which is … a bourbon. Aged eight years and coming in 90 proof, this new expression features juice from barrels that “leaned into more traditional bourbon notes and did not express the Tennessee Whiskey tasting characteristics.” So think vanilla, cherry, orange, almond, toffee and oak. And only $33.

R6 Single Malt

R6 Single Malt

R6 Distillery

When you think American whiskey, thoughts usually don’t turn to Los Angeles. But R6 has been around since 2014 and they have the interesting distinction of creating L.A.’s first bourbon. Their new release, out July 1st, is actually a “re-release” of their Single Malt. As the distillery describes it, this is a European-style grain bill “with an R6 twist: peated malt, distiller’s malt, chocolate malt and coffee malt.”  The distillery also makes a “red, white and blue (corn)” bourbon if you need a drink for the Fourth of July.

Hard Truth Indiana Straight Rye

Hard Truth Indiana Straight Rye

Hard Truth Distilling

Indiana Rye Whiskey will become an official category in July — which takes the basic rye requirements (minimum of 51 percent rye in the grain bill, distilled at no greater than 160 proof, placed in a barrel at no more than 125 proof) — then adds the state-specific requirements that the liquid be mashed, fermented, distilled and then rested at least two years in Indiana. Obviously, you’ll want to celebrate with this soon-to-be-released bottle.

Two new releases from this excellent Texas distillery that are, unfortunately, only seeing release in the Lone Star state. These are single malts finished in ex-Madeira barrels from Haak Winery

Other whisk(e)y news:

  • You can relive the Pappygate scandal (basically, the biggest bourbon theft ever) during Netflix’s new docu-series Heist on July 14 (see the video above).

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