These ‘90s beauty trends are back in vogue

These ‘90s beauty trends are back in vogue

Fads from the past have been re-emerging but when certain looks from school days suddenly become a trend again, fashion lovers are hardly able to contain their excitement. Experts predict that a lot of ‘90s beauty trends will be popular in the second half of 2021 that are surely going to make millennials nostalgic. After all, the ‘90s was a pretty memorable time for a lot of us. The retro looks are going to be far beyond bold highlights. Now you can expect that your social media feed is going to look straight out of 1995.

Let’s look at some vintage beauty products that are making a big comeback like never before.

Dark Lips: Supermodel Naomi Campbell had started the trend of darker lips in the 90s. Her signature style is reviving in 2021. To achieve this look, outline your lips with a brown lip liner and then fill in with a slightly lighter brown shade.

Cat-wing Liner: Last time, the cat-winged liner was seen on Madonna as well as other pop stars. Achieving the precise lines can be tricky, so it is advised to use tape on the outer corner of your eyes that will guide you to form a cat wing. Start from the outer edge and line inward towards the corner of the eyes. Next remove the tape and clean up messy edges with a thin concealer brush.

Flavoured Lip Balms: This product has been everyone’s favourite which is why it could be found in everyone’s purses, pockets, drawers etc. While lip balms are a staple, the flavoured varieties were a favourite among both the school and college goers in the 90s. Now they even come in bubble gum, green tea and coffee beans flavours.

Eccentric Hair Colours: During the lockdown that began in 2020, women experimented a lot with hair colours. According to Jeremy Tardo, pro colourist and Clairol partner, this year hair looks are going to get bolder with colouring in trend. The eccentric, out-of-the-box colours will involve large sections of hair in bold shades of blonde, pink or neon green that will juxtapose against darker colours next to them.

Butterfly Clips: Butterfly clips epitomise the decade’s hairdos. They are re-emerging in a big way these days. A subtle version of this trend is currently blowing up on Instagram.

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