Why Australian Starbucks coffee is better than America

Why Australian Starbucks coffee is better than America

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Aussies can be, ahem, snobs when it comes to coffee.

Unlike other parts of the world we turn our noses up at chain cafes like Starbucks in favour of standalone cafes with baristas and specially curated coffee beans.

For expats, it can be tough to find out Starbucks isn’t as common or popular here, with US woman Kaymie Wuerfel revealing in a TikTok video on Monday that she hasn’t had the company’s coffee in two years.

Since moving to Australia, the Florida woman has gained more than 215,000 followers on TikTok where she shares the differences between the two countries in hilarious clips.

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In her most recent video Ms Wuerfel said she had “knocked Starbucks” but then “realised I haven’t actually tried it since I’ve been here”.

“So I ordered my old ‘go-to’ which is a venti iced caramel macchiato and I’m going to give it a try,” she said.

After taking a sip, Ms Wuerfel said she noticed a definite difference in the flavour of Aussie Starbucks.

“The sizing is a little bit different than the Starbucks in America,” she said.

“It’s still definitely stronger than the American Starbucks. That said, it’s still very sweet and more like a treat than a regular coffee.”

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Ms Wuerfel said that while the drink “reminds me of home” she would “definitely still recommend going to an Aussie cafe as opposed to a Starbucks”.

“I can’t believe I used to drink a full one of these every day, sometimes twice,” she said.

Ms Wuerfel’s video has been viewed more than 89,000 times, with plenty of Aussies giving their brutal opinions on the coffee chain.

Starbucks, if you’re reading this, might be best to stop if you want to avoid needing ice for these burns.

“Starbucks can’t make it in Aus when we have the best coffee in the world,” one person wrote.

“Starbucks is just a trend. Not authentic enough,” another claimed.

Others claimed that it only existed for overseas travellers and “no one likes Starbucks here”.

“Starbucks is only in Australia for the tourists,” one person wrote.

US expats blown away by Aussie fast food

Starbucks isn’t the only American chain that tastes different in Australia, with Ms Wuerfel previously saying McDonald’s was much better Down Under.

In a TikTok video she explained how she preferred our Macca’s to the American version as the “food quality” was so much better.

“I never ate it much in America because when you eat McDonald’s in America you genuinely feel like you are going to die,” Ms Wuerfel said.

“And I know here is probably not much better but it is so, so good.

“I’m eating those Chicken McPieces and downing my frozen Coke, the last thing on my mind is my health – which probably is a bad thing.”

Another US expat @sophiainsydney, who is originally from Los Angeles but now lives in Sydney, said KFC tastes “more fresh here”.

“This is the first time I am trying KFC in Australia,” Sophia said in the video.

“I swear the fast food in Australia is so much better than the fast food in America because the quality of the food is just a lot better, like you can see it in the photos and the videos as well.”

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